Tuesday, January 23, 2007

First post

So there's a question of what this is supposed to, if it's supposed to be anything at all. Generally people post musings, which I probably will, and I'll try to add some interesting forms of content, because that's essentially my day job.

Content: boy that's a word I use A LOT. And it feels so inadequate to describe my industry, or any industry for that matter related to "content." There should be a coalition that comes up with a new word, with some pizazz or color. Content has no flavor, no feeling - it's referring to some of the greatest love songs and most outrageous music videos like some poor serving of vanilla ice cream (without the cone and with a white plastic spoon. You almost feel sorry for those poor unfortunate servings, like they're abandoned children with oversized clothing from K-mart).

And why not start out with some fresh "content":

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