Friday, February 16, 2007


IHOP has announced a free pancakes day this Tuesday, and it got me thinking how much I would love a fresh serving. A thick, tall, but not too wide stack, perhaps with little chocolate chips staring at my like soft marble, or a string of banana slices and pecans arranged together to appear as if a little cake were assembled for celebration. Add in some warm syrup properly swathing the fluffy edges, never too much in one place else patches of wet sweetness saturate too deeply. A cool glass of thick milk chasing after each bite, an unsuspecting grin shaping my mouth, each taste adds to my desire but each taste also fills my belly till I can eat no more.

And I realize it is not the pancakes I yearn for, but the soft smile of my mother visage, the hearty chuckle of my dad's odd humor, and the whispered gossip from my sister's voice. For are not pancakes but a small piece of the quiet home left so far away?

Unfortunately, one cannot spend the entire day wishing for breakfast dishes. But one can make the time to plan a brunch.

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