Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gone Baby Gone

I recently finished a crime noir novel by Dennis Lehane called Gone Baby Gone. Freakishly good, it describes the mystery of a missing child with the gritty backdrop and cynical humor of two Boston detectives. The writing is crisp, as if the narrator were drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette the entire time he unfolds the story.

But it's goddamn depressing. Descriptions of horrible crimes against children probably inspired by real atrocities, the hopelessness of the uneducated and drugged up poor - Lehane is no judge nor saint: he just writes. And yet you understand you need that all that shit in the world for anything to make sense. And you realize your life hasn't undergone any real trauma like losing a child, going to prison, or being trapped in poverty. Sad shit man.

Movie's coming out too:

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