Monday, December 15, 2008

What is the question?

The point of our lives is to answer questions.

In college, it was "what do I want to learn?" and "what do I want my first career to be?"

At Bain, it varied by client:  from "how do we grow?" to "should we close this plant?"

At Warner Music, it was:  "how do we get consumers to pay for content?" and "how do we get paid for content in a digital world?"

At Wharton it seems to be:  "What should the CEO/CFO/manager do?" and "What do I do after business school?"  In investment banking, it appears to be: "who should I buy / sell to?" and "at what price?"

Our entire existence appears to be about answering questions.  
Some of them are asked of us.
Some of them we try to ignore.
Some of them we can't answer.

But we have to always ask.  It starts with a question.  If there is a God, perhaps what s/he asked was "why not?" and at the end "was it worth it?"

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