Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What I miss

Play time.

I'm reading this book on Innovation and it stresses the necessity to have toys, things to play with, to let your creativity stretch. And it makes me realize how as we get older, even recreation seems like work. Like planning a party. Or a dinner. Or even basketball. That same joy once experienced feels diluted.

We're all here wanting to be the next great executive but will we love what we do (or who we are) if we get there?

It makes me realize why I like playing Mafia Wars - it simulates that feeling of building something (which ironically is an organization of destruction, but that's just a minor detail). I miss that feeling. We have minds and hands, and perhaps my former is tired and the latter is bored.

I may go buy a lego set. Or some sort of tool kit. Living in slides, pdfs, powerpoint, and excel is as two-dimensional as it sounds.

Conventional is boring. The mean is boring. I want to be an outlier.

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