Sunday, September 16, 2007


The end of summer's warm stickiness replaced with cool breezes. Dead, crunchy autumn leaves. Less excitement as vacations are over and the next ones seem far off. The snot-filled legacy of viral diseases waiting to attack with the help of colder weather and weaker immune systems.

Getting older. Healing slower after a shin hit or ankle sprain in basketball. Unanticipated toe pain after an hour of running. Hamstring soreness after a few hours of biking. My body and mind do not appear to be in sync, though I wonder when my mind catches up.

Wondering. Wondering about God, or the lack thereof. Wondering about the Purpose and the Meaning. Wondering about the present and what it means to the future. Wondering if there's a story behind the chaos, the chaos of today and the chaos of everything, including you.

Faith, hope, and love. If you lose one, do the rest matter?

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