Sunday, October 28, 2007

Moral ambiguity

If you ever want to see true love, avoid all art. Avoid all the maudlin poems, love stories, romantic comedies, and Meg Ryan movies. These are all stories about love between beautiful people, and we like watching pretty people fall in love because, well, they're pretty.

Instead, watch an ugly couple make out. Watch a two hundred pound, balding fat man with visible underarm sweat stains and his three-hundred pound, pimple-ridden beau. Watch them hold each other's sausage-like hands and compare each other to favorite entrees or meals. Sure, it might be desperation, but true love is desperate, feeling like you’re with the last person in the world who can be with you. In the case of an ugly couple, that could be literally true.

All crassness aside, isn’t this the truest love? Love unemcumbered by lust and jealousy. Love enveloped completely by personality and qualities, those characteristics which sustain and grow, unlike the physical, which degrade and eventually die. Ironic in the nasty example I just gave can you observe true, pure beauty.

Isn't this the love which lives forever?

Man, all this talk about fat people makes me hungry. I'm gonna eat some french fries.

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Julie said...

true love is crap - there's no such thing. lol