Thursday, November 26, 2009

Most amazing dream

Basically I was Superman and had all his powers and zipped around everywhere. I ended up moving to Australia, met a woman who also had my powers, and so I decided to test them by flying as far out from the atmosphere as I could.

This is where the dream was incredible - I fly all the way up to the edge and can see a faint line separate space and Earth. As I cross the line I can still breathe but recognize the air is thinner and something tightening my lungs. Space, however, is this gorgeous chaos of swirling rocks and asteroids flying at me incredible velocities, along with space debris like cracked satellites and old spacesuits lounging around. I fly down, feel the heat of atmospheric reentry flash around the edges of my body, and return to Earth.

This is what you get after beer, 3 hrs of sleep, and flying cross country. Any ideas on what this means, besides the need for more rest?

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