Wednesday, May 30, 2007


So I have a problem derived from my efforts to be healthy. I've recently starting adding bananas to my cereal, which sounded good from a potassium perspective. But unfortunately, because the cereal plus bananas accelerate the sogifying process of the cereal in my milk, I end up eating my breakfast way too quickly. It's like I'm in this race against those mythical soggies, who were the prime enemy in those rice krispies commercials, except that they're real and I can't lose. So I run this race, and while I generally win (and my cereal remains crunchy) I pay for it a few hours later with annoying acid reflux.

I also see this problem as a metaphor for life. We're all racing to prevent an eventuality that we sometimes can or cannot beat, but either way we pay for it at the end.

Geez, I meant that last sentence as a joke but it does sort of apply. I think I've depressed myself. Slightly.

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Kenny said...

ummmm, ok.

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