Sunday, May 20, 2007


So I just ran from midtown all the way to WTC, ran up a little bit, took the subway (yeah I know I cheated here but c'mon) up to 88th, and then ran back down to my apt. I feel totally fuckin' high right now. I imagine my legs will be killing me (actually I could guarantee that) tomorrow but right now they feel like pieces of hollowed out aluminum, completely oblivious to the trauma I just forced them to endure.

Am I showing off? Sure I am. I'm a machine I tell ya, the 6 million dollar man.

Okay, so the new Linkin Park album came out and while some critics are giving it shit, I'm lovin' it. Sure a few tracks are a little strained, but the new styles they're trying out are pretty nifty - a sort of edgier U2/Keane/Snow Patrol direction.

Anyway, given that I'm checking out all these interactive radio sites (some of which are a little TOO interactive) I wanted to share this playlist from FineTune. You have to program a 45 track playlist, with the option of selecting a few and having their AI fill out the rest. I actually programmed every frickin' song (you're welcome). Three of my favorite tracks from the LP album are in the playlist (because it gets played randomly you'll have to wait to actually hear them) but there's a lot of other songs I chose to maintain a mellow feel. Death Cab, Ben Folds, Snow Patrol...yeah I know it's a little mainstream. I'll built out a Shins/Strokes/Coldplay player later (even more not operate machinery after listening).

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