Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My liver still hurts (from the wedding)

Yes I got hammered, two nights in a row. Something like four tequila shots the first night, and the equivalent in beer/wine/shots the second night. Two morning runs. One In-n-out combo. Three touching wedding moments (eyes did glaze but no crying). One rental car. Too many hash browns. One yellow tie. Six tuxedos. One hangover (that would be the groom). Hangover free for me. Two advil and one powerade (also for the groom). Two or three flirtations - kind of hazy. One email address. One drunk email. Two cute replies. One limbo bar. Countless laughter. Too many women. And perfect sun.

It was a weekend to remember.

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Esther said...

sounded like a fun time. :)