Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sleep is boring

I couldn't sleep so I went running. My head feels woozy and everything has a unique floating quality. The blocks passed me by, the streets were still noisy with trash trucks and drunk suits, and the glare squeezed my eyes. Bars keep their doors open while blanketed bodies lie wrapped like mummies in the street. And the stores sit closed like sleeping guards protecting hidden jewels. We live in the City and the City lives within.

My friend is getting married Saturday. Marriage - that's like the last stop on the train of adulthood. The train basically stops there - the conductor tells you to get off and you're done. That's it. You're at your destination, preparing some perhaps unborn (or about to be conceived) individual who shares some of your DNA to go on another train. We're all subway commuters getting off at different stops, only there are no maps and no transfers.

I should sleep. I'll never grow my readership (and hence, ad revenue) with these strange entries.

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