Sunday, August 5, 2007

Another Zombie story

I'm reading Cell by Stephen King, which is a new take on the zombie genre by supposing a "pulse" transmitted via cell phone converts the vast majority of Americans into zombies. Death, destruction, and a small band of main characters fight to survive.

I love this shit. The entire world going to hell and only you and three strangers left on earth (with one being a Jessica Biel look-a-like). All static assumptions of modern life blown away like a zombie head shot at point-blank range. I think I like stories where small bands of strangers work together (Lost, Zombie movies, the office) because I romanticize such experiences as opportunities to learn, fight, and triumph. No delays, no bureaucracy, no lines or prices - just pure action and decision.

Maybe I'll go on a safari or join a reality TV show. I might end up as lion chow but it would be awesome.

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