Wednesday, August 1, 2007

No more debbie downer entries

Really, anything you write on a blog which isn't funny or clever just ends up being depressing or pretentious. I'll have to keep those entries in my diary, which is covered with yellow roses and gold stars.

Actually I do keep a journal for short fiction, quick descriptions of city life, and erotic literature involving midgets dressed up like pirates. I find writing to be a release of the storm in my head, which often bounces thoughts and ideas like a pinball machine.

I have this idea of writing a consulting story, where either someone goes missing (a mystery involving a shady client) or a hostage situation (which in turn highlights how business leadership doesn't translate into real leadership). But it's actually very hard to sit down and write out what happens. I have great respect for all writers who devote the time to their craft, even if they lack the talent, because more often than not, diligence and persistence mean something. Okay, I'm getting preachy so I'll stop.

To my readers, I thank ye.

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