Tuesday, August 14, 2007

At the airport

Waiting to go to London. The miracles of airport wi-fi.
I had some butter pecan yogurt. It was delicious but light.
Listening to British accents on pretty girls around the terminal. It's like verbal perfume.
Flight delayed about 45 minutes. Blissfully fine.
I think I left my electric shaver at home. But I brought my blade. So I will be clean shaven the next several days.
I must begin practicing English slang: bloke, loo, bloody...actually I'll probably just end up sounding like an Asianized Ethan Hawke without the facial hair. Awkward.
I brought my gym gear with the hopes of staying in shape. Perhaps I'll be able to catch a basketball game near the hotel.

A fine day for short sentences.


ling said...

interesting literary technique. it's like iambic pentameter or poetry or something

Yuuuujin said...

Wait a second, who is this?