Monday, February 16, 2009

Random things I have learned over recruiting

1.  Sleep a lot before DIP week, because you won't during it (mostly due to nervousness, but that's just me)
2.  Smile, make a joke.  If it doesn't work out, you still have four months to find a summer gig.
3.  Unified communications is a way of integrating online filesharing, IMing, voice, voicemail, and anything related to work in one interface.  But seriously, this seems like a way to keep your ass glued to your chair.
4.  Why is internet based computing called "cloud" computing?  I guess it has something to do with wireless connections and unresolved childhood issues regarding pillows?  I dunno.
5.  Don't worry about not working out during DIP - the focus and energy you exert during interviews will keep your weight down (I lost a few pounds somehow)
6.  DIP, OCRS, ERP, CRM, SCM, SaaS, EBITDA, EPS, PE, EBIT, comps, pitchbook, DCF, WACC, beta, riskfree rate, r sub D, r sub E, accretion, dilution, debt shield, tax shield, DTA, DTL, TARP, RTC II, RTC I, M&A, DCM, ECM, TMT, FIG, CSFM, MS, GS, EVR, LAZ, ML, BofA, JPM, IS, BS, CFS, CFO, CFI, CFF...I've learned a lot of acronyms
7.  Take naps (don't worry you'll want to)
8.  When you're 15 min early, find a happy space in your mind.  For me it's imagining jumpshots - I know that's a little "different" but I love the feel of soon-to-be-made jumpshot as the basketball leaves your finger tips, and the ball sails through the air in a perfect, inevitable arc which will result in an executed shot.  Maybe it's a simple jumper, or a post up dribble with a slick turn of the feet resulting in a hard-to-defend turnaround, or running off a screen and turning your feet at the last second and getting your elbow lined up just so...something about making a jumpshot just makes me smile.  Find your happy space and remember you can never leave it.  
9.  Prep enough, but don't overprep.  There's something to be said for keeping fresh and open to unpredictability.
10.  Keep a pen in your suit jacket - I dunno why but that calms me down and lets me react faster for case / thinking type interviews.
11.  I've become generally more flippant and aggressive throughout the process.
12.  I wonder if a job this demanding and time-consuming can change you.
13.  It really is a due diligence session, and you are your OWN sell-side advisor.  

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