Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things I learned this weekend

I like this list format. I'm lazy, I know, but lists are easier to write than paragraphs.

1. Just because one goes to a vodka bar named Pravda need not imply one must take shots repeatedly. Temptations can be resisted.

2. Running in Battery Park in February sucks for the first five minutes, then is strangely euphoric. Must be the lack of oxygen going to my brain.

3. Some people (i.e. Jason) actually live in hotels. This is both interesting yet unsurprising.

4. The future of content business models is not the content but the context - personalization, merchandise, and shared experiences. Caveat: this is much harder to do than describe.

5. Ktown lunches need not require appetizers - I forget all the little side dishes.

6. Ice skating is both harder and easier than it looks. I also have tremendous butt muscles (or fat, depending on how you think about it) after wiping out twice on the ice but surviving injury free. No pain, no foul.

7. Topaz Thai restaurant is super spicy, even for me. I was literally sweating during the meal. But why eat good food if isn't a little painful?

8. Flamenco music is almost like fight music - after listening to it, you're to engage in a combat. Likely with a bull, but still, combat.

9. Patton Oswald is f-cking hilarious. This dude mixes science fiction, ancient religious philosophy, orgy / fart jokes, depression, and married life into a ridiculous routine. And yes, I censored myself. I'm worried about my readers who are (or look) under the age of 18 (this means you Karen and practically every Asian female friend I have on FB).

10. I'm no longer being carded at clubs. This is both an expected yet disappointing development.

11. Wine on a Saturday afternoon is a good thing.

12. Eating at the International Food Festival until you can't breathe is both awesome and not the same time.

13.  Life is either random, meaningful, or some combination of the two.

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