Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Things I would be doing...

if I wasn't in B-school.  Or, as an alternative title, "Opportunity Cost."

1.  Hopefully still have my job at Warner Music.  Likely part of the YouTube takedowns.  Calculating e-commerce conversion rates and looking up comscore numbers.
2.  Mastering "Careless Whisper" and "You've lost that loving feeling" for Karaoke.  And yes, I'm straight.  Really.
3.  Riding my bike on weekends through Central Park and the edge of NYC with Karen and friends
4.  Eating way too many tortilla chips, salsa, and guac with Ray, Josh, and my homies in NYC
5.  Seeing some awesome live bands at MSG and Webster Hall
6.  Playing b-ball downtown at Stuy.
7.  Watching more movies and reading more novels
8.  Skiing and relaxing in a hot tub with Mikey, Serena, Laura in Vermont
9.  Going to artsy / fartsy events at the Met and otherwise with Lisa
10.  Applying to business school...again :-P

1.  Writing a mystery short story in the New Yorker which becomes wildly successful under the pseudonym "Kobayashi"
2.  Marring and then divorcing a model / singer in a whirlwind romance
3.  Eating so much sushi in one night that I develop amazing powers and fight crime under the superhero name "AsianSensation"
4.  Learning to rebound
5.  Trying to hold my breath so I can actually complete a triathlon (the running / biking aren't too bad, but the swimming...that just kills me)

There's probably more but my time is up.

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